Harwintha Yuhria Anjarningsih
EMCL thesis:
Developmental dyslexia in Bahasa Indonesia: Developing a screening test
Prof. Dr. Ria De Bleser, Potsdam University
Current position:
PhD student
Centre for Language and Cognition | Groningen | The Netherlands
Current work:
The production and comprehension of time reference in Indonesian by patients with fluent and non-fluent aphasia are investigated. In a lot of Indo-European languages time reference is mainly done by inflections of verbs and research has shown that production and comprehension of verbs inflected for tense are not easy for patients with aphasia. It is interesting to see what happens in Indonesian since time reference is not done by inflection of verbs but by adverbs. In addition, investigation into the processing of time reference by normal speakers is also investigated by using ERP.