Benedictus Vassileiou (benedict.vas [at]
EMCL thesis:
Fractional anisotropy of the arcuate/superior longitudinal fasciculus predicts verbal working memory span
Dr. Lars Meyer, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Current position:
PhD Student
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences | Leipzig | Germany
Current work:
My current work revolves round the nature of the abstract linguistic knowledge and its relation to working memory resources during sentence processing—particularly, during comprehension—as neurophysiologically reflected in the framework of brain connectivity. I combine various methodologies (e.g., diffusion-weigthed imaging, magneto- and electroencephalography) and analyses (e.g., time-frequency analysis, structural, functional, and effective connectivity) to discover the exclusive or shared brain networks that give rise to the human ability to process structured verbal material. Capitalising on theoretical linguistic background, the enterprise of my research is twofold: (a) to contribute to the formulation of a mostly comprehensive network-based model of sentence processing in the healthy brain; (b) to constrain a theory of language by the exploration of how the brain realises the hypothesised linguistic abstractions.