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Harwintha Yuhria Anjarningsih
Developmental dyslexia in Bahasa Indonesia: Developing a screening test

Hakim Arif
Surprising Bilingualism and the construction of materials for Arabic and Bengali single word reading process: A scientific approach

Ricardo A.H. Bion
The role of prosody on the perception of word-order differences by 14-month-old German infants

Weiwei Chen
English Vowel Perception by Standard Mandarin Speakers and Southwestern Mandarin Speakers

Tatiana A. De Moroes
The application of D in assessment of narrative production of normally developing children in the period of literacy acquisition

Katharina Görlich
The influence of context on the processing of gapping sentences: An EEG study

no picture available

Anand Gungadin
Bilingual Aphaisa Test Battery: Mauritian Creole and French

no picture available

Wei Hu
Word recognition without facilitation of semantics

Kenneth O. Ouma
Multilingual Aphasia: English, Swahili and Dholuo

no picture available

Laura Perona Jara
The acquisition of Gender Agreement in Spanish

The Acquisition of Negation in Greek Language

no picture available

Malmati Tsavdaridou
A study on the perception of synthetic jitter voices

Ching-Wen Tseng
A study on the perception of synthetic jitter voices

Stella Styliani Tsigka
Clitic placement in Cypriot-Greek agrammatic speakers

Roma Wieczorek
Case-marking in Polish noun phrases—a series of case-studies of Polish Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia


Nicole Acrey-Franco
The influence of suprasegmentals in nonnative speech perception

Anna Bartunova
Patterns of aspect and tense production in Russian agrammatic Broca's aphasia patients

Kyna Betancourt
The perception of phonological features in synthesized consonants by AAE speakers

Gisi Cannizzaro
Verb-object order in two-word utterances: An analysis of German and English CHILDES data

Thomas Chacko
Sensory agreeability as a semantic factor facilitating the acquisition of object names by autistic children with English as second language

Bettina Demmer
Syntactic processing in German fluent aphasia: Production of sentences with derived order

Olga Dragoy
Factors of verb production in Russian agrammatic speakers

no picture available

Wei-Ming Ho
The trade-off relationship in agrammatism: Evidence from Mandarin Chinese

Ling Jia
The effect of pivotal response training on verbal performance of a Chinese child with autism

McLoddy Kadyamusuma
Sentence production with verbs of alternating transitivity in Chishona agrammatic speakers

Sarah Knee
When the vocal chords vibrate but no one listens: German perception of English word-final voicing

Yichen Lee
Basic intonation patterns of Mandarin Chinese: Evidence from Taiwanese speakers

Ramesh Mishra
Spatial premise integration in Hindi

Artem Platonov
Testing the incremental model of aspect assignment in Russian Broca's aphasia

Klaudia Szpojanowskaja
Tell me a Story: Verb in descriptive and narrative genre production of Swedish aphasic speakers

Hua-Chen Wang
Processing of locative constructions in Mandarin by children and adults

Rachel Whalen
Differentiating between two types of similarity-based interference in German sentence processing: Evidence from eye-tracking

Huadong Xiang
The ERP components and their distributions elicited by the violation of sentence context and grammaticality and their interaction with word frequency


Tom Abuom
Time reference in bilingual agrammatic speakers of Swahili and English

Elif Bamyaci
Time reference in Turkish agrammatism

Wei-Chun Che
Noun-verb dissociation in Chinese aphasic speakers

David Ellison
The Role of F0 Discreteness in the Discrimination of Spoken Versus Sung Words

Yifei He
Semantics, syntax, and distance: An ERP study on Chinese classifiers

Chien-Ju Hsu
Semantics, syntax, and distance: An ERP study on Chinese classifiers

Kristina Kasparian
The effect of orthographic depth on reading processes in highly proficient Italian and English bilinguals

Olha Koshchiyenko
Prosodic Sensitivity in Ukrainian Autistic Children

Lars Meyer
Distance phenomena in German sentence processing

Michaela Nerantzini
Direct object clitic production in Greek agrammatism: A single case study

Leah Overholt
African American Vernacular English (AAVE) speakers with fluent and non-fluent aphasia: Auxiliary and copula use in discourse contexts

Kujtime Presheva
Cultural Differences of Boston Naming Test in Albanian Version

Andres Felipe Reyes Gomez
A direct comparison of emotional and question linguistic prosody under unattended and attended conditions during word processing in Spanish: Gender differences

Daria Schmidt
Artificial grammar learning by Broca's agrammatic aphasics: Exploration of two different types of grammar

no picture available

Ji-Young Shim
Scrambling and topicalization in agrammatic sentence comprehension and production: A Korean Study

Ryan C. Taylor
The interaction of coherence relations and prosody in anaphoric reference: A psycholinguistic account Area: Psycholinguistics of discourse

Olga Zagika
Bilingual language assessment: A case study of Surzhyk


Laura Bos
Time Reference in non-brain-damaged and agrammatic speakers of Dutch, studied with ERPs and grammaticality judgment

Stephanie Caet
Pronouns in three French-speaking children with SLI

Tse Hsiang Chang
Comparison between Continuous Speech Sample Analysis and an Articulation Test in Putonghua-speaking Children

Stephan Dubovoy
Perceptual cue usage for German vowels by native Russian learners of German

Leigh Fernandez
Vocal Convergence in Chimpanzee Food Grunts

Svenja Frommann
The production of neologisms in patients with aphasia: can optimality theory account for it?

Claudio Fuenzalida
Same but different: phonological development of Spanish-Valencian bilingual children

Nadia Genserovskaya (Neugeborn)
Assessment of the degree of Russian accent in English

Ernesto Guerra
Effect of Spatial Priming on Affective Concepts Access: a Lexical Decision Task and Reaction Times Study

David Guise
Phonological perception in infants at-risk for dyslexia

no picture available

Eleanor Harding
Comparing action sequencing to musical syntax: an ERP and behavioral study

Line Huck
Perseverations in aphasia, their underlying nature and finer characteristics: a case-series approach

Al Di Jhang
The Influence of Association Strength Between Nouns Varied in Instrumentality in Verb Generation

Njinga Kankinza
Adaptation of the bilingual Aphasia test English-Bemba

Niloofar Keshtiari
The Effect of Re-Activation on Dependency Resolution in Farsi

no picture available

Tetyana Kulish
Novel Object Naming in Ukrainian

Julia Lachowicz (Nowinska)
Different or delayed? An observational study of Polish developmental dyslexia

Jingying Lu
Tone Pattern Perception of Infants at Familial Risk for Dyslexia and Controls Differ at 17 Months as Demonstrated by Event-related Potentials (ERPs)

Judith Maas
Word learning through shared reading: Comparing children with Down's syndrome and language age matched controls

no picture available

Enird Malile
Early Lexical Development in Albanian Children

Smita C. Mathias
Borrowed word production in Kannada-English Bilingual Aphasia

Helena Oosthuizen
Prepositions and verb particles in Afrikaans: Dialectal variation and developmental patterns

Li Qiang
Chinese Relative Clauses Processing with and without Context: Further Evidence for Subject Preference

Anastasiya Romanova
Referential Choice: Distribution of Subject Types in Russian Aphasic Speech

Katharina Sauter
The relation of morphological awareness and conceptual knowledge in German children with and without language impairment

Allison Smith
Production of pronouns and null subjects in English and Spanish speaking individuals

no picture available

Christianna Stavroudis
Generalization in Vocabulary Acquisition in Non-Verbal Autistic Children: A Meta-Analysis of Computer-Based and Non-Computer Based Therapies

Claudia Teickner
Developmental differences in 17- and 29-month-old children at risk for dyslexia and age-matched controls measured by mismatch negativity

Mulugeta Tsegaye
The Effect of Literacy on Oral Language Processing: Implication for Aphasia Tests


Seckin Arslan
Past Time Reference in Turkish Agrammatic Aphasia, Towards a Neurolinguistic perspective on Turkish Evidentials

Chun-Lung Chen
Reexamining the Classifier Problem in Chinese Aphasic Speakers: The Role of the Shape Classifier

Michael De Beer
A comprehensive model of speech production for research on motor speech disorders

Jacqueline De Nooijer
The role of sentence context in visual word recognition: An ERP study

no picture available

Elise Drijbooms
Production of Free and Bound Morphemes in Agrammatic Dutch-French Speakers

Sithembinkosi Dube
The Role of Prosodic Cues in the Processing of Grammatical Morphemes in English: An Online Grammaticality Judgment Study

Alokika Fernandes
Appraisal of Evaluative Language in People With Aphasia's Cinderella Narratives

Carolina Gattei
The Role of Semantic Arguments Order and the Syntax-Semantics Interface in Spanish Sentence Comprehension

Cornelia Heyde
The Structure and Functioning of Interjections in English Conversation of People with Aphasia: Two Case Studies

Brigitta Keij
The Development and Assessment of the Vocabulary of Young Bilingual Children

Judith Kistner
Time reference to the future in German agrammatic speakers. Research with the TART

Lieke Leonie Koelen
The Use of Acoustic Measurements in Pinpointing Speech Production Impairments in Apraxia

no picture available

Shih-Yuan Liang
Use of Lexical Tone in Early Lexical Acquisition: An Investigation on Interrelation with Segmental System

no picture available

Elena Maksimova
Variation in two different discourse genres of Russian non-brain-damaged speakers

Tina Marusch
Production of Regular, Irregular and Subregular Inflectional Morphology in German Speakers with Agrammatic Aphasia

Julia Escalda Mendonca
Comprehension and Production of Relative Clauses in Typically Developing and SLI Brasilian Portuguese-Speaking Children

Sara Sanchez Alonso
Production of verbs with alternating transitivity in Spanish speakers with agrammatism: the role of clitic production

Hillary Kipruto Sang
Verb Production in Bilingual Agrammatic Aphasia: An Analysis of English-Swahili Spontaneous Speech

no picture available

Sean Veld
Impediments to Social Acceptance: Prosody in Asperger's Syndrome

Cintia Widmann
Acoustic and lexical predictors of speech intelligibility of dysarthric speech

no picture available

Sandra Widmer
Receptive Abilities of Dialectal Variation in Swiss German Normal Speakers

no picture available

Vanessa Wolz
Assessment and Treatment of Aphasic Bilingual Patients with Reading and Writing Impairments: A Review

no picture available

Xin Zhou
Patterns of Passive Sentence Comprehension in Broca's Aphasia in Chinese: A Test of the TDH


Kelly Callahan
Language, Literacy, Longevity: The Influences of Age and Literacy Skills on Verbal Fluency

Ya-Suei Cheng
Practice Makes Perfect: the relationship between language system structures, age of second language acquisition and executive function in bilinguals.

no picture available

Iroda Azimova
Production of prototypical and non-prototypical combinations of tense and aspect in Uzbek agrammatic aphasia

Vania De Aguiar
An ERP study on co-reference: processing of reflexives, pronouns and referential violations

Jakolien Den Hollander
Cataphoric and anaphoric processing of too many coreferents: an event-related potential study

Hatice Gumus
Genetic aspects of Specific Language Impairment: Finding Neuronal targets of FOXP2 gene by downstream target screening

no picture available

Mesay Habte
Telegraphic speech and time reference in Amharic: a single case study

Vesa Kalle Korhonen
Speech and non-speech sound listening preference in typically developed adults with autistic traits: An exploratory serial recall paradigm

Chien-Wen Lee
Does prosody matter? The role of fundamental frequency contour for the intelligibility of hearing-impaired Mandarin-speaking children’s speech

Katherine McCurdy
The sound of silence: Implicit prosody and discourse context in written sentence comprehension

no picture available

Daniel Pereira Alves

Prapanit Prapanont
Reading acquisition in Thai typical development children in comparison with children with developmental dyslexia

Rui Qin
Phonological awareness and naming speed deficits in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia

Adria Rofes Sanchez
The verb in sentence context test: Standardization and application in awake neurosurgery

Gentjana Taraj
Comprehension of reflexives and personal pronouns in Albanian-speaking children: Evidence from typical development and autism spectrum disorder

no picture available

Ekaterina Virfel

Katharina Volkmann
The functional role of dorsal and ventral pathways in syntax comprehension - Two case studies of patients with peritumoral cerebral edemas

Jinxing Yue
Predictive processes during Sentence Comprehension: An ERP study in Chinese sentence reading


no picture available

Caroline Cheruiyot
The production of word order and bound grammatical morphemes in Swahili agrammatic speakers: An Analysis of Swahili Spontaneous speech

Chih-Chun Chuang
A single case of Aphasia in Reading Japanese

Rene Herrera Dominguez
Narrative discourse production in temporal lobe epilepsy patients

Toivo Glatz
Automated Speech Recognition in Clinical Assessment of Speech Motor Disorders

no picture available

Liudmila Glavinskaya
Processing of affective vs. non-affective aspects of word meaning

no picture available

Sana Haidry
Developing a teacher-rating screening tool in English, Urdu and Sindhi languages for dyslexic children of ages 5-11 years based in Karachi, Pakistan

no picture available

Sophie Horn
The lexical processing of prefix and particle verbs in German - a visual priming experiment

no picture available

Suzanne Hut
N400 during code-switches in second-language learners

Byurakn Ishkhanyan
Improvement of the Eastern Armenian Bilingual Aphasia Test: Syntactic comprehension deficits in Armenian-Russian bilingual aphasia

no picture available

Nora Kovacs
The processing of relative clauses in Hungarian

no picture available

Vanessa Löffler
Comprehension of German wh-questions across different age groups and the comparison to aphasia: Evidence from eye-tracking

no picture available

Miren Arantzeta Perez
Cue cost in Sentence Comprehension in Basque individuals with aphasia

Srðan Popov
Unaccusativity and Anticausativity in Aphasia in Serbian

Kristyna Tomsu
Effects of emotions on semantic categorization

Sophia Wallingford
The use of spatial and temporal language in typically developing and language impaired children


Sema Acar
Genetics of White-matter Alterations in Developmental Dyslexia

Nattanun Chanchaochai
The Development of Thai Verb and Sentence Test (VAST 2.0): Sentence Production and Comprehension of Thai Speakers with Agrammatic Aphasia

Yael Farhy
Hebrew reading acquisition in early and late bilingual children

Anastasia Glushko
Phrasing in Language and Music: Same or Different? A behavioural and an ERP study

no picture available

Laura Hedlund
Processing of Morphology in Finnish Speakers and Late L2 Learners Using a Multi-feature MMN Paradigm

Bernard Jap
Verb and Sentence Comprehension in Standard Indonesian Speaking Individuals with Aphasia

Nenad Jovanovic
The effects of structural priming on the comprehension of passives in Serbian-speaking children

no picture available

Aleksandra Khakalo
A Vaster Vast: Comprehension and production of verbs and sentences in Russian

no picture available

Hannah Kiesow
Keep calm and carry on: A study of phrasal verbs in the context of language attrition.

no picture available

Olena Kleshchova
Auditory Verbal Hallucinations in Schizophrenia: Literature Review and Prelininary Findings of a Neurofeedback Study

Sandra Martin
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Discourse Treatment in Chronic Aphasia

no picture available

Aislyn Rose
Does Speech Variability in Second Language Lerning Enhance Brain Plasticity: An ERP Study

Benedictus Vassileiou
Fractional anisotropy of the arcuate/superior longitudinal fasciculus predicts verbal working memory span

Janine Willems
Resting-state functional connectivity in children at risk and without risk of dyslexia at pre-reading age

Wei Zhan
The effect of thematic patterns in context on English relative clause processing


no picture available

Serine Avetisyan
The Impact of Focus Operators on the Processing of Long-Distance Dependencies: Evidence from Eastern Armenian

Gabriele Bianco
Dynamic Assessment of vocabulary, sentence structure and phonology in combination with other measures as a screening tool for the identification of Specific Language Impairment in early Italian second language learners

no picture available

Kirsten Birgit Ensink
Retrieval interference in written and spoken sentence comprehension

Rowena Garcia
Thematic Role Assignment in the L1 Acquisition of Tagalog

Cheng-Hung Valentine Hsin
Priming of Word Level Tone in Native Mandarin Chinese Speakers by Musical Pitch: An ERP study

Chaya Manawamma
Manipulating the Cue-Stimulus Interval (CSI) in a Language Switching Task with Dutch-English Bilinguals: A Behavioural Study

Varsha Laxman Pingale
Use of short Token test for the screening of aphasia among Marathi speaking population of India

no picture available

Tihana Smiljanic
Acquisition of gender agreement in Serbian language

Frank Tsiwah
Production and comprehension of time reference in Akan Agrammatic speakers

Martin Vasilev
The effect of temporal delay on the integration of parafoveal and foveal information during reading.

Michelle Jennifer White
The Comprehension of Negation in the L1 Acquisition of Afrikaans

Nienke Wolthuis
The relation between slow-wave brain activity and language functioning in glioma patients: a retrospective study


Natania Ang
Uncovering Language Switching Control in Visual- and Auditory-Word Comprehension in Bilingual Aphasia

no picture available

Maria Sandra Gisbert Muñoz
Testing the expectation-perception model of auditory hallucinations with dynamic causal modeling for fMRI

Nathaniel Lartey
Comprehension of Object wh-questions in Akan agrammatic speakers: The movement dilemma

no picture available

Maria Loktionova
Inferential Language in Russian Children with High-Functioning Autism: The Acquisition of Mental Verbs.

no picture available

Ping-Hui Lu
An examination on serial order STM in Mandarin Chinese children with developmental dyslexia.

Robert Mettrock
Multi-time resolution analysis of speech revisited: Intelligibility of speech with a manipulated modulation spectrum

The processing of contextual and lexical information in cochlear implant users

Ann-Katrin Ohlerth
Language Mapping using Object and Action Naming under nTMS

Aida Salcic
Electrophysiological correlates of gender agreement processing in Dutch: the effect of linear distance

no picture available

Leonor von der Bij
Neurogenic versus Psychogenic Foreign Accent Syndrome: An acoustic analysis

Obada Zaidany
Intergestural Coordination in Lombard Speech


Daniela Palleschi
What's in a Name? Extralinguistic knowledge as time reference: an ERP study

no picture available

Wilasinee Siriboonpipattana
Passive Sentence Comprehension in Thai Agrammatic Speakers

Eugene Tsakos
Facilitating Reading in Greek-speaking Children with Dyslexia: Game-based Learning to the Rescue!


Atilla Atasoy
Simulating Grammatical Encoding with Multi-Label Decision Tree Classifiers - An Investigation into the Loci of Impairment in Turkish-Speaking Individuals with Agrammatism

Kristien De Ruiter
Impaired Pragmatic Language Abilities in Children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Eugenia Rykova
Perceptual and acoustic similarities between the voices of family members: an approach to synthesize a voice based on family-shared f0 characteristics

Konstantina Olioumtsevits
The syntax-semantics interface during sentence processing: ERP evidence on relative clause attachment ambiguity in Greek


Kathleen Kay Amora
Narrative structure and complexity of typically developing Tagalog-English bilingual children and adults

Simone Lira Calabrich
Semantic and Syntactic Gender (Dis) Agreement Processing in Brazilian Portuguese: An ERP Study.

Jin Luo
The role of memory in semantic processing: evidence from N400 using simultaneous TMS-EEG

Paul Okyere Omane
The development of wh-question formation in Akan-speaking children