EMJMD scholarships

There is no separate application form for scholarships. All students' applications will be evaluated by a selection committee and ranked; the EU will then check and officially confirm the ranking list, issuing scholarships to the highest ranked students.

(For the distinction between Programme Countries and Partner Countries, see Participation costs.)

If you get accepted into the programme but are not selected for a scholarship you might want to apply on your own for external funding, e.g. at your national funding agency.

2017 extra scholarships

For the first intake in 2017, we have the opportunity to provide extra scholarships for students from specific regions. If you are from one of these countries, you can use the regular procedure; you do not need to mention that you would like to apply for one of these specific scholarships. The same deadlines apply.

We are able to provide one extra scholarship for each of the following regions:

Grants for guest lecturers

Interested scholars can apply at any time by sending their CV and a letter of motivation to info@emcl.eu. They are eligible for a grant of 1,895 € per week (including travel costs).