Student admission

Needed qualifications

Candidates should have at least three years of higher education (BA, BSc or equivalent) with an emphasis on one or more of the following:

In addition, candidates must be fluent in spoken and written English.

Needed documents

Proof of necessary English skills

Please note that only native speakers do not need to hand in such proof.

Application process

Applications for the Academic Year 2019/20 will be accepted from September 1, 2018 until December 1, 2018.

Instructions on submitting your application will be published here soon.

Participation costs

Both for programme costs and scholarships, a distinction is made between Programme Countries and Partner Countries: Programme Countries include the 27 member states of the European Union as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, whereas potential Partner Countries are basically the rest of the world.
(Note that if you have resided and carried out your main activities for more than a total of twelve months over the last five years in a Programme Country this is the category you belong to.)

The tuition fee for the entire study period (24 months) amounts to:

These fees cover: registration costs at each of the consortium partners, insurance, excursions, lab costs, and participation in the Science of Aphasia conference (including accommodation). All rights and obligations concerning an EM grant are regulated in a scholarship agreement.

Scholarships available

Student scholarships covering tuition fees, travel and living expense are available.
There is no separate application form for scholarships.

Use of applicants' personal data

(To be added later.)

Selection results

All candidates (selected and non-selected) will be informed by March 20, 2019 about the outcome of the selection.

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee. The committee rates every single eligible application on the basis of the following criteria:

The review leads to two absolute ranked lists: one for the Partner Country students and one for the Programme Country students. Depending on the number of scholarships available students will be placed on the main list or on a reserve list, according to their rank.
Candidates who fail to meet the minimum admission requirements are declared ineligible and their applications are not further reviewed by the selection committee.

Appeal procedure

All applicants have the right to appeal against the selection decision. This has to be done within a period of 15 days starting from the day after the notification of the outcome of the selection. Appeals, including supporting information may be sent via e-mail to the selection committee at
Please mention Appeal in the header of your mail. The selection committee will respond to the appeal within one month after its reception.